Today In History – August 17

As John White sailed back to the New World, he was filled with excitement and anticipation. He had been away for three long years and was eager to see his family and friends again. But as he approached the shores of Roanoke Island on August 17, 1590, he was filled with dread. There was no sign of the colony he had left behind.

White had left Roanoke in 1587, leading a group of settlers to establish a new colony in the New World. But as he returned to the site of the colony, he found only emptiness and silence. There was no one to greet him, no buildings or structures to be seen. It was as if the colony had simply vanished into thin air.

White searched the area for any sign of his people, but he found nothing. The only clues he discovered were some mysterious carvings on nearby trees, which seemed to suggest that the colonists had moved to a new location. But where had they gone? And why had they left Roanoke behind?

White was determined to find out what had happened to his people. He organized several expeditions to search for them, but each one ended in failure. The wilderness was unforgiving and dangerous, and the colonists seemed to have vanished without a trace.

Over time, the mystery of the lost colony of Roanoke became one of the greatest unsolved puzzles in American history. Many theories have been put forth to explain what happened to the colonists, but no one can say for sure what really occurred. Some believe that the colonists were attacked by Native Americans, while others think they were absorbed into local tribes and assimilated into their culture. Still, others speculate that they simply perished from disease, famine, or other natural causes.

Despite the many attempts to unravel the mystery of Roanoke, the truth remains elusive. John White himself never found out what happened to his people, and he died with the mystery still unsolved. But the enduring legacy of Roanoke lives on, reminding us of the challenges and dangers faced by the early settlers of the New World.

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