Today In History – January 15

January 15, 1974… Happy Days premiered on ABC network.

Happy days was an American television sitcom starring Ron Howard as Richie Cunningham and Henry Winkler as the Fonz. The show opened to mixed reviews. However, it soon became one of the most popular shows of the time.

Happy Days was set in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and followed an American family living in the 1950s. The show followed Richie, a teenager; his father, Howard, a hardware store owner, his mother, a ‘traditional’ homemaker; and his little sister, Joni. The show primarily involved Richie and his friends Patsy Weber and Ralph Malph.

Originally, Fonzie was a secondary character disliked by ABC executives. However, Fonzie was a viewer favorite and was gradually given a more prominent role until he eventually became the show’s central figure.

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