Today In History – March 26

March 26, 2005

It’s a thrill for longtime fans of Doctor Who! After being off the air for over sixteen years, the beloved sci-fi series is returning to BBC, giving the world of Doctor Who new life.

The show, which initially premiered in 1963, ran until 1989, and it made a big splash in the television world. With its campy charm, witty dialogue, and larger-than-life characters, Doctor Who attracted viewers around the world, helping to shape sci-fi culture as we know it today.
Thanks to a strong resurgence of interest, BBC brought the Doctor back. This new installment of Doctor Who will star an all-new cast and will follow the adventures of a mysterious and magical Time Lord as he traverses the galaxy in his trusty TARDIS, searching for aliens and solving dangerous puzzles.

Doctor Who fans had long been asking for the series to be brought back to the small screen, and their prayers were answered. It was the perfect time for a revival, with nostalgia for the show on the rise and technology allowing for ever more detailed visual effects. Today, Doctor Who is back and better than ever.

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