Tag: assassination

  • Lincoln Shot

    Lincoln Shot

    April 14, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln was shot and fatally wounded at Ford’s Theatre.

  • Alexander II Assassinated

    Alexander II Assassinated

    March 13, 1881, Tsar Alexander II is assassinated.

  • Ray Pleds Fuilty to Assassinating King

    Ray Pleds Fuilty to Assassinating King

    March 10, 1969, James Earl Ray pled guilty to assassinating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Attempted Truman Assassination

    Attempted Truman Assassination

    November 1, 1950, a group of armed men attempted to assassinate Harry S. Truman.

  • McKinley Assassinated

    McKinley Assassinated

    September 6, 1901, President McKinley was assassinated.