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  • 26th Amendment Ratified

    26th Amendment Ratified

    July 5, 1971, the 26th Amendment was officially ratified in the United States.

  • 27th Amendment Ratified

    27th Amendment Ratified

    May 7, 1992, the 27th Amendment was ratified.

  • 23rd Amendment Ratified

    23rd Amendment Ratified

    March 29, 1961, the Twenty-third Amendment to the Constitution of the United States was ratified.

  • 15th Amendment Ratified

    15th Amendment Ratified

    February 3, 1870, the Fifteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified by the states.

  • 13th Amendment Passed

    13th Amendment Passed

    January 31, 1865, the Thirteenth Amendment passed in the House of Representatives.

  • 24th Amendment Radification

    24th Amendment Radification

    January 23, 1964, the 24th Amendment was ratified.

  • Constitutional Convention Began

    Constitutional Convention Began

    May 25, 1787, the Constitutional Convention began in Philly.