Joan of Arc Enters Orleans

April 29, 1429, is a historic day in the life of Joan of Arc, as on this day, she entered Orleans with her troops.

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Joan of Arc was a French heroine who played a vital role in the Hundred Years’ War between England and France. She was born in Domr√©my, France, in 1412, and from her childhood, she experienced visions that she believed were messages from God. These visions led her to join the war between the two countries and support the French side.

On April 29, 1429, Joan of Arc entered Orleans with her army of 4,000 men. At the time, Orleans was under siege by the English, and the arrival of Joan and her army boosted the spirit of French soldiers. Joan led her troops to victories against the English with her bravery and military strategies.

The arrival of Joan of Arc in Orleans was a turning point in the Hundred Years’ War. Her victories against the English led to the coronation of Charles VII, who was considered the rightful king of France. Joan played a vital role in this important historical event, and her bravery and military tactics earned her the title of the Maid of Orleans.

Over time, Joan of Arc became a symbol of French patriotism and national pride. Even today, her legacy and courage are celebrated in popular culture, literature, and film.

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